Wilco Monen


How communication in a society can react on the environment without using the increasing rate of technology. Where no one is left out due to external digital devices. Where the possibilities of arranging a message and environment is not obstructed by digital limitations.

We want to provide a tool that everyone can use without having any technical knowledge, where the user takes part in displaying the information.

by using a well-known object which is already available: The bicycle, we are able to move and react to our environment with speed, motion and mobility, a quick way to spread information or take a point of view. words can be attached to the bike and more bikes together can connect to something bigger (whole sentence) where the users are constantly changing the environment due to their mobility. By putting the bikes in front of political buildings such as the American embassy, Russian embassy and Peace Palace (International Court of Justice) the message becomes a part of the location.

The streets is the space where we transport ourselves, it's an extension of our homes. Probably the most democratic place in history of mankind.

In collaboration with: Sameli Eskola, Heikki Lotvonen, Max Lennarts, Julian Wallmeroth, Sophie Neppelenbroek, Karen Van Tigglelen

2nd Jury Award at the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival, Student Competition 2014 CIG-Chaumont